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Reflective Integration

My work is colored by my own experience. As a pure individual with a life shaped by Saturn and influenced heavily by, both, the Moon and Venus, I find myself constantly seeking some balance of the witness and embodiment, of structure and self care. Self care is knowing that rest is an integral practice of discipline in a world of hustle and busting your ass for something that doesn’t respect or recognize you. My work is integrative and driven by a desire for a world of integrity. My work is reflective and piercing. There is a discernment to my eye that can pick up on very slight nuances in the other, in the environment, in the energy of a moment or space. Let me listen to you, let me take you in, and I can find suggestions particular to your needs, for atunement, realignment, prescriptions based in personal insight, gnosis, handing you a key to discover a home within yourself. My desire is to connect you to yourself, to empower you to live a life as yourself, to peel back what isn't carrying you forward in a helpful or healthful way.

Jump off a cliff with me. Let’s disperse the fear that comes with living a life as yourself together. I invite you to join me on this wild ride.

My Background & Approach

I have been a self studying student of astrology for over a decade. During this time, I have spent, maybe, thousands of hours pouring over the work of many influential astrologers in the form of books, podcasts, and lectures. In early 2021 I made the decision to take a leap and study more formally under astrologer Heather Eland through her year long course. In 2022, I took the initiative to further my understanding of this incredible practice through mentorship with astrologer Cameron Allen. With Cameron's guidance, I have begun to take the traditional techniques I had already been utilizing and blending them with Evolutionary Astrology, a branch that has very much captured my attention. It is my hope to continue to pursue this path of the student, and in turn help others through collaborative exploration from a trauma informed space.

I primarily utilize the Whole Sign housing system, but am in the process of integrating quadrant housing systems into my work as I continue to blend the traditional and modern. Additionally, I often use several techniques within a single session, including profections, transits, and solar return charts. If you have further questions, please feel welcomed to reach out through email or my contact form below.

In addition to my work with astrology and Human Design, I have various other paths I've carved out for myself over the years, of which include cosmetology, hospitality, service, nannying, and house management. The most meaningful to me of these is that of caregiving, something I've been doing professionally since 2018. I have always led with a service-forward heart no matter the job. My passion has been and always will be people, that is the root of the work that I do.

For many years I have led two separate lives, keeping distance between the spiritual work that I do and that of care. There was a level of 'professionalism' I felt I needed to maintain, that this other world within me would not be accepted by the families I've poured myself into. In many ways, I feel this has held me back over the years. I'm currently in the process of merging these two parts of me, allowing myself to be seen fully for the first time. I've recenty been given the opportunity to slowly take steps toward this path I'm forging for myself, and with that opportunity, I've had a clearer vision of what is blossoming before me.
A favorite aspect of the work I've done with families revolves around food and nutrition, a topic I've been studying independently for over a decade. My ideologies around food have changed so much over the years, and as I've integrated my understanding of Design, I've really developed an understanding that every individual has unique needs. It is my hope to bring insight and ease to others through developing a meal plan or helping through physical preparation of food, something I always do with great care and consideration.

If this is of interest to you or your family, feel welcomed to book a consultation HERE.

My Design

It is often reflected within the Human Design space that we understand who we are working with, as any guidance, direction, evaluation, coaching will always bring with it a level of conditioning.
Conditioning is not a bad thing, we are all conditioned in our daily lives as we interact with the transits, with other people, with our environments.

When you work with me your experience is being filtered through the lens of my design, which I've included here-

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